• Las 50 canciones que hacen referencia al basquetbol 3ra parte por viva basquet
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Las 50 canciones que hacen referencia al basquetbol. 3ra parte

Te presentamos la tercera parte de las 50 canciones de hip-hop en donde sus letras hacen relación directamente al basquetbol de la NBA y a sus famosos jugadores.

¡A botar el balón con la mejor música!

21. Jay Z – The Prelude.

La Letra: “Before The Answer was a 3 / I was down in Georgetown with a Hoya chick, lawyer chick”

22. Kanye West – Brand New

La letra: “The survey says, by the streets according / Kanye’s just important as Michael Jordan was to the NBA when he was scorin’ / Ralph Lauren was borin’ before I wore him”

23. Sauce Money – Reservoir Dogs

La letra: “Yo, the left hook will shatter your chin / Similar to Darryl Dawkins when he shattered the rim”

24. Beastie Boys – Get It Together

La letra: “See I’ve got heart like John Starks / hitting mad sparks / pass me the mic and I’ll be rocking the whole park”

25. Wale – Barry Sanders

La letra: “Interscope feeling like Charlotte when they traded Kobe you know / But I let it go Rozay finna re-up / he got himself a Kobe and they stuck with Vlade Divac”

26. Beanie Sigel – Raw and Uncut

La letra: “I’m Scottie Pippen it’s like Magic, Worthy, Parish, Bird, B, Stockton, Malone, Who gonna stop and hold this? Game like Doc and Moses / Full court press and the Roc controls this”

27. Ludacris – Wish You Would

La letra: “I’m on point like CP3 and I’ll be going down in rap as the MVP”

28. Phife Dawg – Baby Phife’s Return

La letra: “Like Jordan had Starks, while you playin hokey pokey / there’s no time to be dokey / Cuz I come out to play every night like Charles Oakley”

29. Beastie Boys – Unite

La letra: “Going off the hook like Latrell Sprewell / I’ve got the ill technique so you know me feel well”

30. 50 Cent – Follow Me Gansta

La letra: “My team in the cut / packin middle things / I got more foreign shooters than the Sacramento Kings”

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