• Las 50 canciones que hacen referencia al basquetbol 4ta parte por viva basquet
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Las 50 canciones que hacen referencia al basquetbol 4ta parte.

Te presentamos la cuarta y penúltima parte de las 50 canciones de hip-hop en donde sus letras hacen relación directamente al basquetbol de la NBA y a sus famosos jugadores.

¡A botar el balón con la mejor música!

31. Joe Budden – Black Cloud

La letra: “Motivation the game was supplying me / it’s no longer providing me / Jayson Williams, something killed whatever was driving me”

32. J. Cole – Dead Presidents II

La letra: “My whole life practice to be the one / whats it like to be LeBron / they calling u the savior, so much pressure but u deal with it / the weight of the world on ur shoulders but u still lift it”

33. Meek Mill – So Sophisticated

La letra: “Shi***** on these haters, ball hard D Waiters”

34. Big K.R.I.T. – Sky Club

La letra: “Another shot just before it I don’t need a chaser / Reggie Miller ain’t allowed, we don’t like the Pacers.”

35. Jay-Z – Only The Costumer

La letra: “I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive / If not I just handle it like Jason Kidd”

36. Cool Kids – Pennies

La letra: “Auburn Hills, Michigan, home of the Palace / the place on the map where Isiah beat Magic / throwin’ elbows, had them Rick Mahorn habits”

37. Drake – Thank Me Now

La letra: “And that’s around the time that your idols become your rivals / you make friends with Mike, but gotta A.I. him for your survival”

38. Sheek Louch – My Buddy

La letra: “Went on the grind, I’m ducked out from my bucket / Glean the post, I’m smart so they call me Tim Duncan”

39. Cool Kids – Jingling

La letra: “Motor city technically Rasheed Wallace / then moved to Chicago for dollars like Ben Wallace”

40. Wiz Khalifa – Errday

“My mansion sittin’ on 40 acres, who the neighbors? / Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, now that’s paper”

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Por |2016-05-16T20:17:07-05:0015 mayo, 2015|Categorías: Columnas|Etiquetas: , , |